It's Your Information

We just secure it for you

Easy Information Upload

Three easy steps allow dispensaries and patients to utilize LoudCloud. Employing the technology of smartphones, LoudCloud users simply scan their IDs, snap a picture of their patient information, and sign to confirm. This information is automatically saved on LoudCloud secure servers, granting patients and dispensaries access to each other. 

HIPAA Secure Cloud

Protecting confidentiality is of utmost importance for LoudCloud and HIPAA compliance is a crucial foundation of our service. Once you upload your patient's documents onto the LoudCloud server, both customers and the retailers can feel safe knowing that the information stored is protected by federal law.

Verification in a Single Place

LoudCloud is built on the idea that patients and dispensaries can save time and money on patient verification. Once information is saved on LoudCloud's secure servers, patients can access new dispensaries without the time drag of patient re-verification. By removing this barrier of entry,  dispensaries are better able to attract new patients to their stores. 

Exclusive Offers to Verified Patients

With LoudCloud, patient loyalty is built into the state ID. Consumers never have to worry about carrying around punch cards and are now able to track visits digitally. Dispensaries get to stay updated on what products customers want.